Steve Garber, from the Washington Institute of Faith, Vocation and Culture defines vocation as follows:

“The word vocation is a rich one, having to address the wholeness of life, the range of relationships and responsibilities. Work, yes but also families, and neighbors and citizenship, locally and globally–all of this and more is seen as vocation, that to which I am called as a human being, living my life before the face of God. It is never the same word as occupation, just as calling is never the same word as career. Sometimes by grace, the words and the realities they represent do overlap, even significantly; sometimes, in the incompleteness of life in a fallen world, there is not much overlap at all.”

Vocation is a big idea with significant implications. It encompasses every dimension of our life, our mind, soul, spirit and body and it intersects with both our relationships and our work. We trust that these resources will help you as you pursue faithfulness in your everyday, ordinary life.