Our Story

In the fall of 2003, God birthed a dream in the hearts of a small core of discerning men and women, boys and girls. What would it look like, they asked, to build a great church for God in the South Hills of Pittsburgh–an alternative community of faith that would focus its resources upon the mission of God, by prioritizing relationships and by creating a welcoming environment for people who did not resonate with or had been disillusioned by a traditional church setting and context? With the firm conviction that men and women together reflect the image of God, this group of people committed to creating a community of faith that would keep Christ at its center. Empowered by these God-given convictions, the community called Terry Timm to be their lead pastor and in 2004, Christ Community Church of the South Hills was formally launched. Early on, the community of faith saw itself as a small church with a big reach, believing that God would do great things, far beyond our imagination, through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of committed Christ followers.

CCCSH has remained true to our original intent and foundational values. We prioritize relationships and create catalytic worship, learning, and serving environments where our mission is being accomplished. We live out our calling by providing an alternative worship environment featuring contemporary music and relevant messages from God’s Word. However, our worship gatherings are but a starting point for our participation in God’s work, as we understand our mission as helping others connect with God, one another, and our world. Our learning environments for children, youth, and adults help people make meaningful connections as well as help to root them more deeply in the way of Jesus. And our missional activity occurs throughout the week in the places where we live, work, learn, and play and through formal partnerships, joining in God’s work both near (Shepherd’s Heart and CCO) and far (Guraghe, Ethiopia and Kampala, Uganda) and in places in-between (Gulf Coast work teams).

As we look back on what God has accomplished in, with, and through our community of faith, we have much to celebrate. Moving forward, we envision God enabling us to have an even greater reach, as we continue to grow our roots deeper in the way of Christ. Our focus will be on the formation of disciples, rather than simply making converts. We continue to be committed to an action-oriented ministry, one that helps people live more deeply into their faith and then exercise that faith in our world through their unique God-given strengths, gifts, and passions. We remain a work in progress and believe that the One who began a good work in us will indeed one day bring it to completion.