KidsOur approach to ministry with children and youth is summarized as C³:

• Captivating our children and youth with God’s Story
• Connecting them with each other and their leaders
• Cultivating life-long relationships with Jesus Christ

We believe the Bible stories are central and relationships are foundational. Our leaders are members of our community of faith who seek to explore and wonder about the Bible stories alongside our children and youth, leading them in engaging activities and meaningful discussions. We want to create an environment where the Holy Spirit is our most important teacher! We do not have a written curriculum, but rather our teams of leaders work together to create lessons that last for 2-3 Sundays and are built around a particular Bible story that captivates them. Our children and student ministries meet during the last 45 minutes of our worship gatherings. The children and youth remain with their parents for the first 30 minutes so families can worship together. We participate in various service projects throughout the school year, both inside and outside our community of faith.

“We long to see them meet God and get to know God, not just know about God. Children experience God as they enter the stories of Scripture and see God in action, discovering God’s character as the story unfolds and as they hear their self-revealing God speak to them in the narrative. They get to know God when we, children and adults together, celebrate the wonder and mystery of God’s plans and God’s ways.” Catherine Stonehouse & Scottie May, Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey