The Way of Jesus

A way (or rule) of life has been used by God’s people since the 6th century to order and center their lives around Jesus. The word regula (translated “rule”), in the ancient sense, meant “guidepost” or “railing” or “trellis.” A regula was something that pointed out the road; something that led in a given direction. We image our way of life individually and communally through a trellis, as something to hang onto in the dark; something to give support as we climb; something to help us off the ground and to grow upward; and something that promotes beauty and fruit.

Our way of life at Christ Community Church is an intentional and conscious plan to grow in our love: loving God completely, loving ourselves correctly, and loving others compassionately. Desiring to become spiritually formed people, our way of life includes practices, rhythms, and ways of being that reflect the heart of God, follow in the way of Jesus, and make space for the Spirit’s transforming work in our lives.

  • Spiritual formation is the Spirit-directed process of Jesus Christ becoming formed in us: We collaborate with the Spirit by doing our part, ordering and opening our lives to God for the sake of others and to bring life to the world.
  • We are guided by practices in the way of JesusĀ  (scripture, prayer, service, examen, sabbath).
  • We are held together by rhythms of solitude and community.
  • We are planted in our five ways of being (be accepting, be hospitable, be encouraging, be forgiving, be loving).
  • We receive and give grace as we live into this way of life. We accept each other for where we are on our journeys of formation, and we respect the different paces at which we enter into and live this way of life. We spur one another on and pick each other up.